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Internship / Master thesis

Brain Imaging & Stimulation

The fMRI lab at the MR Centre of Excellence (Medical University of Vienna) is looking for motivated students to work on projects using

  • functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Motion tracking
  • Neuronavigation 
  • Multimodal integration

min. 6 weeks (Internship)

Martin Tik, PhD
Dipl. Ing. Michael Woletz
Dipl.-Ing. David Linhardt
Prof. Christian Windischberger

Topics from basic science & clinical applications to creativity research (see research topics)

Potential learning outcomes

  • Experience in neuroscientific experiments & interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Assistance in data collection
  • Independent research
  • Analysis of fMRI data using Matlab

Depending on background and research interests there is a wide scope of projects.


We expect

  • sufficient time resources,
  • scientific writing & reading skills,
  • fast learning of new techniques
  • high motivation & autonomy 

We prefer students with programming skills (Matlab, C++, Python)

Send your motivational letter (German or English) to martin.tik@meduniwien.ac.at